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Founder and CEO Jena

I Love you, because I am YOU

Hello My name is Jena ( pronounced like  Renee but with a J), and thank you for making it this far. If you are reading this then congratulations, you have made it. I have been extrasensory/ intuitive/ and a psychic medium my whole life. I became aware of my gifts at the age of 4 years old. By the time I was 15 I experienced so many super natural experiences  I confided in my mother who explained I was "prophetic", but gave me no insight on how to refine my abilities. Since then I have gone on a life long journey to master my abilities, which has led me to train/study under many Metaphysical Teachers such as Elicia Dimery, Psychologists such as Thomas Billimek, NLP professionals such as David Key, Astrologists such as Alexander Kolesnikov, Reiki Practitioners Such as Lisa powers, and Past Life Regression Therapists such as Louise Hay's spirit and so many more helpful souls.  The prediction over my life and destiny says that when someone makes it to me; it means they are ready to understand and clear their karma so they can embrace their soul's purpose and journey to the fullest. If you are ready to learn how to master your abilities or need any guidance on your spiritual journey book a consultation now!



 Through my psychic gifts, spiritual guidance, tarot, astrology and reiki (energy healing) I have effectively helped thousands of people discover their life purpose and live their best life.


          May you always remember who you really are.

          May see your value is worth far more than stars.

          May you always be ready to burn down your towers.

          May you always choose to live your life beautifully Empowered.

*Disclaimer if you think you have a serious medical or psychological condition or are experiencing trauma medically or psychologically please seek professional help and use Reiki as a tool to aid those practices

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